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An Error Message Appears On Fax Standby Screen

Canon multifunction printers are best for print, scan, copy, and fax. If you also have the multifunction Canon printer model you are trying to fax and an error message appears, you’ve to find a solution. These errors appear on the Canon printer Fax Standby Screen and each error could be different. Here we’ll discuss how you resolve errors on Fax Standby Screen.

Error Message – Auto Redial  

When you send a document, and the line is busy, the Canon printer waits for the recipient number’s redial. It may also happen because of no recipient’s response. In this case,

  • You’ve to wait until the printer redials automatically.      
  • You can also cancel the automatic redial after the printer dials the number.  
  • Press Stop.
  • You can clear the memory or the particular document to cancel the redial.
  • Thereafter, reenter the fax/telephone numbers to redial on your Fax Standby Screen.  

Error Message – This group dial cannot be used. Directory ##

## are two digits in this message. It simply indicates that the currently dialed group isn’t valid right now. It occurs when the dial function can’t recognize the specified group. Hence, you have to specify the individual recipient.

Error Message – Failed to connect

If you see the message “failed to connect,” you’ve to check the plug. If the telephone line cable isn’t connected to the modular plug, then you’ll receive a “failed to connect” message on the Fax Standby screen. To clear this message, properly plug in the cable, wait a while and resend the fax. Follow three easy steps if the message doesn’t clear.

  • Open FAX settings
  • Select Advanced FAX settings.
  • The dial tone detect shows. Select OFF.

Error Message – Try again in black & white

When the fax device of the recipient isn’t color-compatible, your Canon printer shows the try again message. It asks you to change the color to black and white. Hence, push the Black button and resend the same fax in a different color. 

  • Open the FAX settings.
  • Tap on Advanced FAX settings.

For the Color transmission, select Send in black & white. The printer will quickly convert the document from color to black & white.

Error Message – Busy/no signal

If you receive a Busy or No signal message on your Canon printer’s Fax Standby Screen, you’ve to find out the actual reason because there could be several reasons. Some are given below;

  • Dialed busy number of Recipient.
  • Incorrect fax/telephone number.
  • Unresponsive fax device of recipient.
  • No G3 printer is available to recipient.
  • Incorrect printer’s touch tone/rotary pulse setting.

To resolve the Busy or No signal error, you can try a few actions like changing the Telephone Line Type. Otherwise, keep trying fax until the recipient responds. Make sure the number is correct.

Also, set your printer to match the current line. Follow below;

  • Flick Home and tap on the Setup icon.
  • Open Device Settings and tap FAX settings.
  • Tap on FAX user settings.
  • Select Telephone line type.
  • Choose a line, either a Rotary pulse or a Touch tone. 

Error Message – FAX info does not match

When the Fax Info doesn’t match, the transmission gets canceled because the information didn’t match or the detection of the recipient’s fax device fails. Also, if the RX FAX is set ON, the message appears. Hence, go to Security control under the FAX settings and set the Check RX FAX information Off to not see the error message.

Error Message – Memory is full

The memory gets full when your Canon printer sends and receives too many documents. Hence, it’s better to clear the memory after your fax. Otherwise, save fax documents and then delete the printer’s memory. To delete the fax document in Canon printer’s memory, tap FAX > Function list > Memory reference > Delete menu > Clear memory.   

Error Message – Reception Rejected

If you see this message, then specify the reception rejected option.

  • Open Device, then FAX settings.
  • Open Security control 
  • Tap on FAX reception rejects and select ON.
  • Choose a condition. No sender info, Not in the directory, and Rejected numbers.

Error Message – Awaiting Document Processing

Document processing message appears when USB flash drive is not there or received faxes couldn’t send to a PC because of disconnect PC or wrong settings in the folder. To fix it, insert a writable USB flash and connect a PC, then share the Fax data to the PC folder. Also, remove unnecessary fax when printed.

Error Message – Waiting for report output…

This error is displayed due to mechanical issues such as insufficient ink, no paper, different paper sizes, and mistakenly pressed Stop button. To fix this error message,

  • Check the ink tank and replace it if no ink is available.
  • Check the remaining papers and add more papers to print the fax.
  • Keep the Fax paper settings size and paper size the same.
  • If the process stopped somehow, go to HOME and press the FAX button to restart the process.

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