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Clubhouse Launches Creator Accelerator Program

The Clubhouse application appears to have everything sorted out, making an application popular in 2021. Everybody knows it as well. Soon after Clubhouse exploded, Twitter released Spaces, and now both Instagram and Facebook are reportedly creating their sound sharing spaces. So now what’s next for Clubhouse? It’s not so difficult to answer, though. All the competing platforms have so many influencers, so obviously, Clubhouse has to go with the same pattern to remain competitive.

The Clubhouse is launching Applications for Its First Creator Program

On Sunday, Clubhouse announced in a town hall that it was releasing what obviously each social platform is asking for, that’s a creator accelerator program. the first creator accelerator program generally focuses on teaching 20 selected influencers how one can generate a following, host good conversations, and subsequently monetize on Clubhouse.

You can know if that should interest you or not, as March 31 is the final time limit for apps. No doubt there could be no other eligibility needs other than having a Clubhouse account. The Clubhouse didn’t state its announcing date for chosen influencers.

In addition to this announcement, the town hall detailed the newest feature updates of Clubhouse. You now have the option to share URLS to messages and use language to filter them. As well as, new users don’t require to share access to Clubhouse to their phone contacts, where phone numbers into the app can now invite new users to the platform directly.  

CEO Paul Davison explains that in the case you have already given your contacts to Clubhouse, then you can contact the company to erase them. The Clubhouse tool is presently dealing with a tool so it can delete them automatically.

Additionally, Clubhouse will have its first town hall in Italy, March 15, on Monday.  

Is it okay to Support Clubhouse Creator?

To be honest, for the platform, it’s a little awkward to launch something like this before it gets opened to everybody.

According to a report, Clubhouse just has a little over 10 million users. Putting it into perspective: Twitter has almost 200 million users, Facebook has 2.9 billion users, and TikTok has 2 billion users.

Still, Clubhouse is invite-only, and it’s not as though its influencers right now have an exceptionally wide reach regardless. Creating a Clubhouse audience probably means you have to hold a live session more often.