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Fix Error Code 1640 on Canon G3260

An error/support code in the Canon printer is the sign of something wrong. It means you need a fix to resolve such errors for smooth functioning. Today, we’ll find a cause and fix error code 1640 in Canon printer G3260. To get a complete solution, read the article till the end.


The error code 1640 in the G3260 printer model displays issues in the ink tank. It’s not actually an issue, but the symptom of low ink level or empty ink tank. Though, to confirm this cause, you’ll require to inspect the ink tank visually.

What’s the solution?

Seeing the support code 1640 in Canon model G3260 indicates a lower ink level, and so you’ve to refill the ink tank. The printer also stops printing your document. We’ve written some easy guidelines to fix the error 1640 or ink tank level issue.

 First of all, see the Canon G3260’s front to check the ink tank level. If you make sure that the ink is lower than the tank’s limit line, you must refill it.

  • Make sure the printer is flat when you set up initially.
  • Don’t turn upside down or its side to avoid a leak.  

Now start the refiling procedure;

Refill Ink in Canon Printer G3260

  • Open the printer – If the ON lamp is lit, your G3260 printer is turned on. Otherwise, press the power ON button to turn on the printer.
  • Open output cover – Lift the scanning unit or open the cover.
  • Check ink level – See which ink tank has a low ink level, then open its tank cap. Suppose the Yellow ink tank runs out of ink; open the cap.
  • Precautions – Make sure you don’t shake the ink bottle.
  • Open new ink bottle – Hold the ink bottle and twist the cap to take it off gently.
  • Fill the ink – Align the bottle’s tip to the tank inlet, then stand the ink bottle slowly to push into the inlet.
  • Remove the empty bottle – Wait for the ink tank to be full and give hand support to the bottle. Thereafter, hold the ink bottle and remove it from the inlet. 
  • Take back to initial position – Close the ink tank cap and push down the output cover to close it. Your Canon G3260’s ink tank should refill successfully.  

When you try to print again, you won’t see Error Code 1640 in the Canon G3260 printer.

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