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Ford F-150 Lightning Pro, an electric pickup

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Ford has come out with its brand new version of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck called F-150 Lightning Pro, meant particularly for commercial purposes. This electric pickup truck is powered with a standard battery adequate for a projected 230 miles. This pickup truck costs $39,974. Meanwhile, the extended versions expecting 300 miles on a full battery will have a cost starting at $49,974.

The base model of the Lightening Pro truck comes with two electric motors dedicated to each axle respectively that are expected to produce 426 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque. The capacity of this model is to pull 5,000 pounds and carry a load of about 2,000.

A Lightening Pro, with an optional larger battery, can last till a 300-mile range and provides 563 horsepower to the pickup, and a capacity to pull up to 10,000 pounds.

The fleets are switching the vehicle to buy electric pickups to overtake the zero-emission guidelines and to benefit themselves with a lower total ownership cost with electric vehicles. According to Ford, the upcoming Lightning Pro would lower the maintenance costs up to 40 percent for over eight years and about 100,000 miles of use.

The fleet software by Ford will enable the vehicle operators to solve the eccentric problems that may arise on switching to electric vehicles. As seen that there are the workers who take care of their fleet vehicles, as their own and get compensated by their employers. In this case, the company can install home chargers for the workers to charge their vehicle without having to pay heavily in the gas stations to fill up the tank and secure their income for their own purposes.

Ford is set to provide the services such as geofencing, tracking, and service alerts. Other over-the-air updates will also be integrated for better functioning in the future.