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Google removes Play Movies &TV app from Roku

Other smart TVs would also not receive the feature anymore. 

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Google recently reported that its Play Movies and TV app will no longer be supported on any Roku set-top box as well as any other smart TV, including LG, Samsung, Roku Tv, Vizio. This feature will be removed on July 15th, says Google. One can still access if TV shows or movies rented or purchased through the service. If you want to access these shows or movies, simply open YouTube on your device, go to the “Your movies and shows” section, and find your rented or purchased show.

There are a couple of different warnings to note in the transition to YouTube. In the app, you won’t be able to see your Watchlist as it’s not viewable, however, you will be able to see it on the web, also, your family have the option to share the content still that you purchased from the store, but any purchase from YouTube app won’t allow sharing with you family.

Also, if you used Movies &TV to access you’re Movies Anywhere, then definitely this change will additionally affect you. With the service Movies Anywhere, you can redeem codes from Blu-rays and DVDs to access the media in a digital way.

How to view the content after July 15th?

Here’s what you can follow to access the content:-

If purchased content for movies or TV was through the Play Store, then after July 15th, you can access with below:-

Roku devices – Use the YouTube app.

Android phones/tablets – Use the Google TV application or use YouTube app     

iPhones/iPads – Use the YouTube App or Google Play Movies and TV app.

Chromecast – Use the Google TV app.

Smart TVs including Roku, Vizio, LG, Samsung – Use the YouTube app.

On Android TV – Use the Google Play Movies and TV app.

Web – Use the YouTube website or visit Google Play Movies and TV websites.

It might be difficult to transition from one to another, but Google hopes to remove a portion of the sting for users by providing them a gift code to apply to their next TV or movie purchase.