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Google’s Android Earthquake Alerts System launching soon

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Important Highlights-

  • Google will soon be launching its Android Earthquake Alerts System around the world in the upcoming year.
  • The system already works in the regions of Greece and New Zealand since April.

Google is set to launch its Android Earthquake Alerts System throughout the world in the upcoming year. The search engine giant has already activated this system in Greece and New Zealand back in April. Presently, the Earthquake Alerts System is taking rounds in the seven more countries awaiting its launch across the globe. 

The system works with the help of your Android accelerometer that perceives the primary P-wave produced by the Earthquakes. On any sort of movement, your Android device sends a location without revealing the zip code or street address to Google’s earthquake detection server. The information sent to the detection server is then considered for verification before processing a loud notification that with the inclusion of location and magnitude before the s-wave wrecks havoc. Your screen gets taken over by this alert for the moment reminding you to drop, cover, and hold.

The quakes detection technology is presently adopted in the countries like Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Google is planning to launch this technology worldwide over the coming year beginning with the earthquake-prone countries, working down there. To do this a broad spectrum of Android devices with Play services will be required.

This adaptation is aimed at creating the “world’s largest earthquake detection network,” stated the company. It is available as an established network of seismometers.

To opt-out of the settings, Android users can follow the path Settings > Location > Advanced > Earthquake Alerts. The testing for the same has been under process since last year, while Google has begun to send notifications in April in two countries. Earlier, the company even shared the details regarding Android Earthquake Alerts System and what it captured after the September 2020 Los Angeles earthquake.