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Gucci designed virtual sneakers for hypebeasts

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Gucci is jumping into virtual luxury footwear with another solely digital pair of tennis shoes that are known as The Gucci Virtual 25. It can be used in partnered apps such as VRChat and Roblox and worn in augmented reality (AR).

Shockingly, the shoes are significantly more affordable than an ordinary Gucci piece, you can use Gucci’s application to purchase the Virtual 25s for $12.99 or open the Wanna Kicks AR tennis shoe application to get it at $8.99.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele designed the Gucci Virtual 25 sneakers, and they feature a neon green, thick and pink appearance that maybe probably won’t be for everybody.  

However, they feel properly ludicrous for something that won’t ever exist in real life. Just similar to all Gucci clothing, the shoes additionally tolerate the iconic “GC” logo; for this situation, it’s on the sole of the shoe and the inflatable tongue, again, totally virtual.      

The shoes were made in partnership with Wanna, a company that spends significant time in giving AR technology to advertising (“ARketing,” sigh) and already has its own application for trying virtually or sneakers. More affordable $8.99 cost, the Virtual 25s are available in Wanna’s application, and however you might wish to get the downloadable assets to show off the shoes in different apps like VRChat or Roblox, it’ll be required you to buy them in Gucci’s application for $12.99.    

Being completely honest, once you try them on, these sneakers can show you some of the logic that Wanna and Gucci are playing with.   

This desire for digital collectibles is only growing with the enhanced popularity of NFTs, and whenever there’s no blockchain included, over on most NFTs, Gucci’s shoes have one ad they’re not only token showing ownership and can be used.