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How to change printer settings from the computer    

Canon printers are machines where you can easily print, scan or copy. So when you need to change a setting, you can do it directly from the Canon machine. However, there are some settings that you can perform from the computer, and it’ll change results in the Canon printer. Therefore, connecting a printer and PC or other devices is important to perform any print job.  

Today, we’ll see some settings that you can manage without reaching your Canon printer. First, let’s see what you can manage for your Canon machine from the computer.

Print Options of Canon Printer 

Print data is sent from software, and you can change the printer driver settings. Sometimes print failures also happen, like cropped data is printing, and in those conditions, it’s better to specify the option. So how do you change print options? See below;

  • Open your PC and search for the printer driver setup window.
  • Using a document and file menu, select Print. Select the model and then click Properties or Preferences.
  • Now the printer driver setup window displays.
  • On the Page Setup tab, select Print Options… 
  • You’ll see the Print Options dialog box, and you can now change and set the print options and settings compatibly.  
  • Click OK when everything is set, and you’ll now return to the Page Setup tab.  

Manage the Printer Power From the Computer 

Canon printer can manage its power functions, but you can also do it from a connected computer. This function helps you manage the canon printer from the driver. See how to do it;   

Power Function

You’ve to remember that you can turn off the canon printer but can’t turn it back on with the power function.

  • Use the File menu, select Print, and click on the canon printer model.  
  • Click Properties or Preferences to open the Printer Driver Setup Window.
  • Open the Maintenance tab and click on the power off option.
  • Click OK on the confirmation message. 
  • Your Canon printer will be turned off.

Auto Power function

The function auto power can easily open and shut your canon printer automatically. Auto-power turns on the printer when you run the auto power function and receive the data. When no operations are running from the printer driver, Auto Power Off function will turn off the machine.

  1. Use the File menu and print command to open the printer driver setup window.
  2. Open the Maintenance tab and click on Auto Power.
  3. Ensure your canon printer is on.
  4. You’ll soon get the Auto Power Settings box on your screen.
  5. Select a setting. If you want to choose Auto Power On option, then Enable from the list; otherwise, set a time from the list to select Auto Power Off.
  6. Click OK to apply the chosen settings.   
  7. To disable the settings, you must follow the same procedure and select Disable.

Printer Noise Control Functions

How to reduce printer noise in Canon printers? If you are looking for this query, you’ll get the answer here. The Canon printer machine generally creates a little noise when running any function like Print or scan, but if the noise becomes abnormal, you’ve worried. There could be many reasons for the abnormal noise in the Canon printer. You can resolve it with a physical check inside the machine or simply use “Quiet Settings” with the below steps;

  1. Using the File menu, select Print and make sure your PC screen has opened Printer Driver Setup Window. 
  2. Find the Maintenance Tab and click on Quiet Settings.
  3. Now, select a preferred option to set the Quiet mode, i.e., Use quiet mode during specified hours.
  4. Click OK to apply settings.

Moreover, you’ve to check the paper settings, paper size, paper type, and the time strip inside the machine. Then, when everything is okay, your Canon printer will stop producing abnormal noise.

Customize Other Settings   

From your PC, you can change the operation mode of your canon printer and customize settings to get satisfactory print results. You can easily switch between various modes with the below configuring Custom Settings;

  • First of all, open the printer driver setup page by using the File menu and print tab.
  • Secondly, navigate to the Maintenance tab and click on Custom Settings.
  • Now, you can customize the setting.
  • Printable disc – when disc label printing is running, check if the printable disc is on the disc tray. You can check or uncheck the box to print with printable disc detection or without it.
  • If the 
  • With Landscape orientation is set, you can change it by rotating 90 degrees left. Go to the Page Setup tab and change the rotation direction in the Orientation. To rotate the current item 90 degrees left, choose it and for right, clear the item.
  • You can also enable or disable the detection of paper setting mismatches.
  • When paper gets stained because of the ejected next page before printing, you can increase the ink drying wait time.
  • Click OK to apply selected settings.

With the above printer settings management, you can add a regular profile from quick setup in the driver setup window.  

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