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Troubleshooting Canon imageCLASS Products MF Scan Utility Error

imageCLASS devices are multifunction printers and scanners with impressive color printing features. These printers are Laser models that use widely in businesses and industries. If you/your business has already a Canon imageCLASS product, then there isn’t need of too much details about these models.

We’ll be discussing the “9, (3 digits error code), one digit” error that appears on your Canon imageCLASS products, for example, 9, 244, 2. Installing the MF Scan utility isn’t a big deal on your system for Canon models, but errors may appear due to a few causes, which you have to resolve.     

The codes that appear on your screen have an error message explaining that we’ll know how to fix them. So let’s see what you see on your display regarding MF Scan Utility and how you can easily troubleshoot them.

Note: In this error code, 9 is starting code. Therefore, we’ll use only the middle three digits to identify your error.

Error Code 152

The 152 code appears due to not having enough memory. It will ask to exit the other apps. So what should you do? Your system requires memory, so simply close and exit other applications on your device and restart the MF Scan Utility. You may need to uninstall additional apps to get some space or use additional RAM for it.

Error code 201      

When a file of MF Scan Utility is corrupted or missing, this error code appears on the screen. It will ask you to install the file again. To resolve this issue, you’ve to remove or uninstall MF drivers from your system completely. Once you delete it, re-download and reinstall MP drivers using CD setup or canon.com/setup site. The instructions to install MP drivers are given at the end of this article.  

Error code 202

The cause of this error is an internal error. In this case, close all apps on PC and restart it. Next time you won’t see the 202 code.

Error code 230

It appears when a scanner driver isn’t installed properly on your PC with the full software. Therefore, you need to reinstall MF drivers through the official Canon support site.    

Error code 231

If you’ve started scanning a paper using imageCLASS and the device isn’t able to finish the scan because of insufficient disk space. Therefore, clear or remove additional and unnecessary files, then try scanning one more.

Error code 242 and 243

The error codes 242 and 243 show when your system can’t write and read the file. In this case, a settings (General Settings) dialog box of “Folder to Save Temporary Files” appears (of find it), so check on this box to grant permission. You can otherwise save it in the relative Settings dialog box.

Error code 244

When your system can’t access the specified folder due to no required privileges, then the 244 code shows you an error message. It takes a little step to solve this; simply grant the permission for that folder.

Error code 245

This error code has a few causes that generate issues in detecting text. Hence, you’ve to check a few things on your document. To resolve this, check the below points.

  • Ensure document settings and the text in a document has the same Language. 
  • The document should have text. Otherwise, you may experience issues with the blank document.
  • Unsupported detection text should not be scanned.

How to reinstall MF Scan Utility for Canon imageCLASS?

You should probably get rids of MF Scam utility errors using the above instructions, but a few errors fix when you reinstall the software in your system. Or even if not, you can still reinstall MF Scan Utility for trouble-free scanning on your imageCLASS product. Go through the below steps,

  • Make sure you uninstall the complete MF Scan Utility setup from your PC.
  • Now, open a suitable web browser on your PC.
  • Visit www.usa.canon.com website.
  • You will soon reach on the Canon home page.
  • Take your mouse pointer on the top right and click on the “DRIVERS & DOWNLOADS” tab.
  • Once you see a box asking you to search anything, enter your Canon imageCLASS model and click Go or press enter to continue.
  • The MF Scan Utility should be listed here.
  • Select the latest version and click Download.
  • If your browser prompts an additional pop-up, then select a preferred option like Save or Save As.
  • The MF Scan Utility starts downloading on your PC.
  • Click Run or double-click on the downloaded file.
  • Accept the Utility license terms by clicking Yes.
  • Eventually, click on the Complete tab to finish the reinstallation process.          
  • Now you can restart the software to scan your documents.

These instructions should have solved the errors that appeared on your screen previously; however, if you are still confused, you can go through Canon’s official sites and find online manuals or FAQs to fix the issue.