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What are safety precautions for a Canon printer?

This blog could be a lifesaver for your Canon printer as we will discuss the most important precautions. If you’ve set up or not set up your new or older Canon printer model, these precautions and cautions will always be helpful for the long life of your machine. Users, who haven’t set up their Canon printer yet, should complete the setup first.

Canon Printer Setup Process (Brief Details)

  • First of all, unpack your new canon machine. If it’s older, clean the machine to prepare for setup.
  • Secondly, supply power to your printer by connecting the power cord and outlet switch.
  • Then, turn on the Canon machine and configure the first screen by choosing the language, region, etc.
  • Depending on your printer machine type, wireless or wired, use WiFi or USB cable to connect to the user device.
  • If you have a CD, insert and follow instructions to install it on PC. Otherwise, visit the manufacturing site, i.e., canon.com/ijsetup or ij.start.canon, and install drivers on your system.
  • You’ll need to connect your Canon printer and PC according to installation instructions displayed on the system screen during the installation.    
  • Follow remaining on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Safety Precautions For Canon Printer

You get a manual with your Canon printer, and there are instructions on how to use the machine; otherwise, it may result in electric shock, fire, and sudden accidents. Also, the Safety standard marks can help with the restricted voltages and frequencies. Other than these precautions, there are some other Warnings and Cautions that you should know;

Don’t use the Canon printer when these cases are occurring. Unplug and repair. 

  • Any liquids or metal objects split.
  • An irregular noise from the machine.
  • Smoke or any weird odors emit.
  • Broken or bent power cord or issues in the plug.
  • Overheat.

What to do? Stop your Canon printer and disconnect all the connections from the PC and machine. Also, request the canon support team to repair it.

Follow given points to prevent electric shock, printer’s internal damage, fire:  

  • Keep the machine far from burnable solvents.
  • Set up the power cord correctly and plug it into specified frequencies.
  • Ensure you are using only those power cables you received with the printer, and don’t try to plug or connect these cables with any other machine.
  • Try to keep your hands dry when setting up the power cord.
  • Don’t twist, tie, bundle, pull or bend it excessively. Such activities can damage or break the power cord.
  • Connecting so many power cords to one electrical outlet may result in different issues.
  • In lightning storms weather, its best to disconnect the Canon printer to save from unnecessary shock.
  • In printer cleaning, always disconnect the power cord, unplug the cables, and make sure not to use any flammable spray to clean the printer.
  • Each month, disconnect the power cord and check whether it’s not bent, scratched, overheating, split, scratched, or damaged.      

Canon printers also emit a magnetic flux, which makes it feel odd to those with cardiac pacemakers.

What else should you consider with Canon printer? 

Some cautions are important to let you know, i.e.,

  • Don’t touch the printer unnecessarily while printing.
  • Carry your Canon machine by holding the printer from the sides when you move the Canon machine.
  • Use the ink carefully.
  • Just after printing, don’t touch the metal parts or print head.
  • Don’t give high pressure when placing large objects.  

Keeping the above points in mind, you can avoid many Canon printer issues. However, if you experience any problem related to fire, damage, or any other physical fault, contact Canon support directly or take the machine to a nearby Canon service center.   

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